August 2023

LabMagic from $A220 per month.

January 2023

Version 01.04.41

LabMagic Windows - You can record audio about a Case and store in the Case cloud folder.

December 2022

The LabMagic cloud is up and running.

We have migrated the majority of our existing clients and installed many new ones to the cloud
Performance has been fine tuned and is now extremely fast.
Some larger Labs (more than 30 cases per day) have been given the free LabMagic Windows data entry module which bypasses the web site and goes directly to the cloud database and the SQL database server.

The Client Portal is proving very popular. Your clients can book cases directly into LabMagic, upload digital files (images, 3d files etc), reprint invoices, check case status etc.
The Portal has many advantages. It reduces the work load on your staff who would normally have to decipher dentist instructions, follow up missing information, transcribe names, products or instructions incorrectly.