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Our Clients

We have Labs throughout Australia, New Zealand and have installations in a total of 13 countries.


" We first installed Lab Magic in 2003 and it has modernized and transformed the efficiency and productivity of our lab practices and protocol.

It has given us qualitative and quantitative edges in almost every dimension of our business practice. Initially, upon installation of LabMagic, my first observation (to my great relief) was rather then responding to emergencies, we were in the driver’s seat .

As director of a lab with 25 technicians (one of the larger dental labs in Australia), we often seemed to be working ad hoc with our out-dated lab system.

With LabMagic, our previously unwieldy data base became manageable and user friendly, with the subsequent results of increased revenues as LabMagic trapped many charges that were previously slipping through the cracks. LabMagic software has organized our work load to such an extent that we have obtained a rate of 100% delivery of Cases on time as the software gives us advanced warnings of any jobs behind schedule.

Through the LabMagic barcode system, tracking a case is a breeze. There is no longer the panic as there was previously, when we had to search physically throughout the Lab for a missing case, now it is at the tip of my fingertips as I search through LabMagic.

In short, Lab Magic has given me more time to work on the Lab, not in the Lab and I now get to play golf on a Friday afternoon"

Tom Friedman 2007 - Omega Ceramics, Melbourne