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About LabMagic

LabMagic was founded in 2002 to fill a need for Dental Laboratories.

Most Dental Laboratory Management Software packages are modified accounting packages with a few Lab after thoughts.

We took a different approach. We designed LabMagic from the grass roots upwards to address the daily production problems of a Lab.

One comment a Lab Manager made to us stood out.

He said : “You can make the best crown or denture in the world but unless you get it to the Dentist on time, all the effort is wasted”

Our aim was to make sure LabMagic Labs always made the product in the most efficient way and delivered it on time.

LabMagic was an immediate success and word of mouth affirmations amongst Lab owners and managers in Australia help spread LabMagic from a few Crown and Bridge Labs in the early days to Prosthetic, Orthodontic, Implant and Full Service Labs throughout Australia.

Every Lab gave us valuable feedback on other ways or even better ways of doing things so each release of LabMagic had new valuable features as requested by the users.

LabMagic is a valuable set of tools for the Lab where you can use parts or all of LabMagic but it has now been extended into a full system where you can use our daily and monthly checklists.

LabMagic soon spread to other countries including New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines and the USA.