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LabMagic Products

LabMagic Versions

  • Cloud - This is available on your own Servers or on our Azure Cloud Servers.
  • Legacy - our existing version of Client/Server is still avaiable.
  • LabMagic Lite has been discontinued and is being replaced with a Cloud Lite version for small Labs.


The new installation of software can be a daunting proposition. “What do I do, where do I start, am I doing this correctly are many of the frequently asked questions. Lab staff are not computer experts so we strongly recommend, for the Full Version of LabMagic , that we install, load data and train your staff on your site. We have over 12 years experience in the best methods of running Dental Labs and can offer valuable advice during the installation. Some of the tasks we perform are :
  • Set up the computers and install LabMagic.
  • Bring forward balances from your accounting system.
  • Import and help clean up your price lists
  • Import and clean up your Client lists.
  • Name your Departments and Processes.
  • Enter your technician names and their skill sets (e.g. Joe can make 5 PFMs per day)
  • Load LabMagic with the existing Cases in the Lab.
  • Train the staff
This aspect may seem expensive but it will be the best dollars you have ever spent on the Lab. LabMagic Labs invariably grow by at least 30% in their first year of use. You do the maths on your yearly turnover.