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LabMagic Features


  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Automatic Currency Conversions
  • Multi-Currency Aged Debtors
  • Materials per Product
  • Shipping Manifests
  • Commercial Invoices
  • US and International Paper Sizes
  • US and International Teeth Naming
  • US and International Date formats
  • Client can pay in third currency
  • Materials Certificates in multiple Languages
  • Value Added Taxes/State Taxes
  • Suitable for Export Labs
  • International Stock system


  • Legacy Client/Server or Cloud versions
  • Unlimited Users
  • User Permissions Control
  • Multiple Lab Consolidation
  • 3 tier Client Structure Client/Location(s)/Dentist(s)
  • email Invoices and Statements
  • Client Portal
  • Unlimited Price Lists
  • Dentist Exceptions to Price List products
  • Sales Representatives per Dentist
  • Product Categories
  • Client Categories
  • User Categories
  • Stock Categories
  • Case Categories
  • Courier Categories
  • Advertisements on Statements
  • Client Quotations
  • Minimum and Maximum Turnaround Times
  • Multiple Job Card formats
  • Technicians have multiple work slots
  • Technician Photos
  • Client Specific Price Lists
  • User defined color coding for all Categories
  • Very fast input of New Cases
  • Patient Records
  • Patient History
  • Patient Folder for digital data
  • Patient Alerts
  • Client Quick Notes (print or email)
  • Scan Dentist prescriptions/notes into Patient folder
  • Lab Holidays
  • Technician Holidays
  • Auto Daily Database Backup
  • Lab created Bar Codes
  • Price Rise increases by Category or All Products

Client Portal

  • 2 Levels of Client User
  • Financial User can reprint Invoices, Financial Reports
  • Case User can track cases in the Lab
  • Case User can enter Cases directly into LabMagic
  • Upload of Digital information
  • Advanced Messaging system between Client and Lab staff
  • Advertising on Client Portal

Lab to Lab

  • Advanced system between 2 LabMagic Labs (ideal for Outsource Labs)


  • Credit Card Surchages available
  • Finance Fee Surcharge for Late Payers
  • Part Payments
  • 40 + Lab Specific Financial reports over any time period
  • Lab Performance report (3 years data)
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) report for 8 years
  • Aged Debtors in muliple currencies
  • Statements
  • End of Month processing (rollover)
  • Monthly PDF Statement Archive
  • Batch email of monthly Statements
  • Financial Validation Check


  • User defined Departments
  • User Defined Processes for each Product
  • Production Costings
  • Thresholding of Processes
  • Auto allocation of work to Technicians
  • Technician Loading report
  • Active Cases per Departments
  • Technician Schedules
  • Improved workflow
  • Technicians are doing the tasks that are most productive for the Lab
  • Technicians are no longer looking for cases and doing paper work
  • Ease of entering new Cases by office staff
  • Printed shipping labels
  • Tracking of couriers
  • Technicians can easily access case photos, X-Rays etc
  • Ease of Invoice creation
  • Audit trail of all Technician workWork Load is predictable.
  • Forecast and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Daily checklist - outgoing cases and daily work schedules
  • Shipping Manifest for couriers

Case Management

  • Bar Code Tracking
  • Full Audit Trail within the Lab
  • Technician tracking and Productivity
  • Dentist Supplied Good tracking
  • Cases Shipping Labels
  • One click Invoicing
  • Case tracking from the Computer
  • Wildcard searching for Patients/Cases
  • User Defined Special Dates
  • 3 System Special Dates (Date-in, Date-out, Dentist Insert Date)
  • Special Dates Reports
  • Warning List Reports (missing, Behind schedule etc)
  • On-Hold Department reports
  • Case Location Reports

Time Clock

  • Technicians scan in and out of the Lab
  • Reports


  • Billable Work doesn’t slip through the cracks
  • Technicians can produce more through optimal use of time
  • Better money collections – Credit Card surcharge, finance fee for late payers
  • LabMagic does not replace your accounting package – you can keep your current system.
  • Advanced reporting shows which products/clients/technicians are good performers


  • Stock is under control
  • Reduce slippage
  • Reduced stock holdings

Loyalty Program

  • Rewards module enhances customer loyalty
  • Surgery staff send more work

Paperless Lab

  • Dentist Lab sheets and notes are scanned into the computer
  • Invoice copies and Statements are emailed to the Dentist
  • Save the environment, reduce mailing and labor costs